ICRWE - ICRI Recertification Exam

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ICRI Recertification Written Exam (Code ICRWE)
Wednesday, January 23:  2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

The ICRI Recertification Written Exam is available to individuals whose five-year ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician - Grade 1 certification has or is about to expire and is eligible within program policy. Recertification examinees will take a closed-book, 60-minute written exam based on the applicable ASTM’s, along with general knowledge of moisture testing in concrete slabs.
Although not required, recertification participants may want to register to attend the ICRI Educational Session (Registration Code: ICRI) in preparation for the recertification exam (separate registration and an additional fee are required for the educational session). 
By passing the recertification exam, an ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician – Grade 1 certification will be issued by ICRI to the individual for a period of five years. Recertified individuals will receive a new certificate and wallet certification card.
Attendees must contact ICRI for preapproval to recertify and to obtain an approval code prior to registering. 
For further information on recertification, visit the ICRI website at www.icri.org
For questions about the program or to obtain an approval code, contact Steve Bruns, ICRI Certification Manager, at stevenb@icri.org.
PLEASE NOTE: Recertification Examinees will be shipped study/review materials, including ASTM’s, at least two weeks prior to the recertification exam date, if preapproved by ICRI and registered at least three weeks prior to the exam date.  Participants that get preapproved and register after January 2 will need to make arrangements directly with ICRI to obtain study/review materials.

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