DDL - Designer Luncheon - Opening the Door for Design Enlightenment™

Wednesday, January 31 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM « Back

The notion of home and finding comfort within is perhaps one of the most crucial, yet overlooked elements to finding wellness; for wellness is achieved through our way of living. More often than not, homes today (however beautiful they may be) serve merely as show places rather than promoters of inspiration, action, and communion with ourselves and family.

Bea Pila reveals these hidden truths, first helping to uncover your true desired lifestyle and then building awareness on how interior design can support it. Her transformative process of “Design Enlightenment” taps into our feelings versus style preferences alone, helping us recognize outdated conventions and navigate our way back to true alignment with ourselves. This self-actualizing journey ultimately leads us to the creation of spaces that offer more fulfillment and personal meaning, which is the true measure of wellness after all.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover your true desired lifestyle.
2. Learn how through interior design you can build awareness that will support your desired lifestyle.
3. Discuss the transformative process of "Design Enlightenment".
4. Discover the creation of spaces that offer fulfillment and personal meaning.

Credits: IDCEC: 0.2 CEU General

Event Type: Luncheon > Networking